sending prayers, we rescued a boarder collie lab mix, came from the south with all the flooding. Whippets also participate in dog sports such as lure coursing, agility, dock diving and flyball. The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Just a wonderful dog all the way around. We breed Border Collies, Miniature American Shepherds, and English Setters. Our pupppy guides will get you up to speed. Inovagen. We adopted Frank the tank at 3mo old he’s now 7mo old. Our 68 acre farm was not enough so Dusty adopted the farm next door, also. We’ll take a look at temperament, care and exercise requirements, as well as what you can expect in terms of size, health and lifespan. She was already housebroken as well. The Border Collie Lab mix is no exception. He knows how to spin left and right, walk backwards, and go from sit to down to sit again – all for a ball. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, you are 34% more likely to get the exercise you need by allowing your canine to exert energy. She is a sweet little girl even though she is still nervous of new things. He trys to heard the cats tho…. I am from Brooklyn, NY. I found my Borador in front of my house, it was a cold night and he was shivering and seemed so week. He balls up a towel before he lays on it, he bats around a ball and controls it to play soccer, backspins it & runs it from room to room then kicks it to make a score. The average lifespan of a Border Collie is 13.5 years old. The only issue I see here is – I live near Port Huron, MI. When it comes to designer breeds, you run the chance of adopting a pup that has the “bad” genes from both the purebred parents. According to studies completed by the American Psychological Association, the dogs have the same mental abilities as a two to two-and-a-half-year-old child. However, it takes many years to create a distinct breed that is recognized and registered. This dog breed is a large dog since one of the parents is the Great Pyrenees. We’ve had him since puppy. [20] In 1992, Pencloe Dutch Gold won best in show at Crufts,[21] a Whippet known as Cobyco Call the Tune won in 2004[22] and in 2018 the award was achieved by Ch Collooney Tartan Tease. AnimaLabs. I ended up achieving my dream without realising it until much later! He is a male & I think he has some of the same qualities as a cat. She has the trademark body shape, ears, and face of one. Hybrid breeds are often cross-bred in order to eliminate previous health conditions. We live on a farm which was perfect for him. If you have your heart set on raising a puppy, read on to find out what you need to know about finding a Border collie Lab mix pup. Dysplasia of the hip or elbow joint occurs when a hip or elbow socket does not properly form. In the case of a Border Collie Lab mix, a Border Collie and a Labrador. as his dad esscaped (a lab) found a collie mum and pups were made in 1995 designer breads were never arround he was considerd a hinze 57 and cost my mum and dad around £10. Pros And Cons Of Getting A Border Collie Lab mix, History and original purpose of the Border Collie Lab mix. lol … I’d love to find her a place like yours to find her another family that would give her the best life she deserves. The house is empty without her. "[16], The age of the modern Whippet dawned in 1891 when The Kennel Club granted the breed official recognition, thus making the Whippet eligible for competition in dog shows, and commencing the recording of their pedigrees. There are also other practical upsides to rescuing a Borador. The Whippet Border Collie Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Border Collie and the Whippet. You do not have to work with a breeder if you want a Lab Border Collie cross. Where can I find a Border Collie Lab mix puppy? I ended up renaming her Chloe from Cheerio and she’s an absolutely amazing dog. Joint problems like elbow dysplasia is sometimes seen in collies as well, but deafness is considered the most likely congenital issue. Border collies are prone to epilepsy. [35], Given proper nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care, most Whippets live for 12 to 15 years. They also muzzled him as he anxiety barked at their young child and I suspect crated him without desensitisation as he gets very stressed when he’s contained. My late partner and I got a call from a shelter we adopted from in the past. And allowed to live in senior housing where no large dogs are allowed. [36] A UK breed survey puts the median lifespan at 12 years 10 months. Similarly to the Labrador, Border Collies can inherit serious eye diseases, namely Collie eye anomaly (CEA) and Primary lens luxation (PLL). [8] The Victorian English writers describe the emerging modern breed of Whippet or snap-dog bred for catching rabbits, coursing competitions, straight rag-racing, and for the novel show fancy. Whippets with a single copy of this mutation are generally unaffected; those with two copies have disproportionately large musculature and are known as "bully whippets". When you put the intelligent and happy-go-lucky aspects of the dogs together, you get the unique and highly positive temperament of the Border Collie and Lab mix. She loves the water and walks and is good with children. Border Collies and Labs both have some very unique and positive personality traits. To find out, we’ll take a look a the origins of the breed, and uncover why people started to breed Labradors with Border Collies in the first place. They found him abandoned in a box by the side of the road in Missouri and he and his sister are the only ones in the litter to have survived. They have no leash manners yet, but are small enough that with a proper leash they are still easy to walk. Not sure that we could have asked for a better dog! Therefore, you can see that the Border Collie and Lab mix is probably going to live somewhere around 13 years. Singing Dog Contest on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, 1987 - Duration: 11:51. The Border Collie Lab mix is no different, with the distinct and happy face of a Labrador. Sounds strange? [15] The other had a rough coat from crossbreeding with Bedlington Terriers. Although in general mixed breed dogs do tend to live a little longer than their purebred counterparts. Rottweiler Lab Mix – A Complete Guide To The Labrottie Or Rottador Dog, Husky Lab Mix – A Complete Guide To The Huskador Dog. [38] Hip dysplasia is rare in Whippets, with only 1.2% of 161 evaluations performed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals being determined as dysplasic. This wouldn’t ordinarily be related to this website except for the fact I highly suspected that freeway who we all came to love me in particular in this case, had border collie traits in her. [13] In medieval England, a small Greyhound breed became popular for use as a ratting dog, the first written English use of the word Whippet with regard to a type of dog was in 1610. Edward of Norwich, 2nd Duke of York confirmed in his early 15th century translation and additions to the original late 14th century French Livre de chasse the advantage of maintaining the great, the middle, and the small size of greyhound for different sorts of game. Shes intelligent and patient, loving beyond measure, loves to swim and chase ducks and squirrels, and so great with children. Generally a lovely temperament and gentle. We have worked in Obedience and progressed to a high level. I got him at just over a year old after he’d spent 2 months in a shelter. ... Once a Whippet … Didn’t know much about the mix prior but reading about them makes me so happy. Ps- sorry I don’t have any pictures of her as of yet on this website although that’s because I don’t want this message taking up too much space hogging stuff isn’t my style. Great article. She doesn’t get the exercise that she needs here, I can’t walk her because of my back and young child. Thank you and please say a prayer for my Rosie. I was disabled but we went to the park every day and then she had a yard to run in. [26] There are two height ranges for Whippets, depending on whether or not the dog is being shown in North America. 2.Intellegence she was much more smarter than any dog I had ever known at that time and also life span she lived to be almost 14 in dog years she was just shy in this regard being 13.4yrs which is tight on the mark for that breed. Our dog that recently passed was black. They are also intelligent dogs with the traits of Border Collie. He’s old now and I don’t expect more than another year out of him. About the only downside is that my grandma has her spoiled to go out about every hour but she at least doesn’t pull that with me when I’m upstairs with her if my family’s gone. Of all the dogs I have had she potty trained the fastest. Helping you to decide whether this energetic, intelligent mix is the right choice for you. He weighs 76 lbs. I took him feed him. She is the sweetest, most loving animal I have ever had. As always, make sure that the dog you choose is healthy. Veterinary records and a wellness check with your animal doctor is always advised when adding a furry companion to your family. She was my ex’s dog and I am the one that’s been making sure she gets the things she needs; everything except enough exercise. Pitbull Border Collie Mix Personality: What You’re Getting Into. For this reason, a clean bill of health from both parents is essential. So, do this breed’s exercise and grooming needs fit your lifestyle and family’s needs?Let’s take a closer look at whether this breed would make a good family pet. These dogs have a double merle gene pattern that has been linked to deafness. Oh and he is driving me crazy while putty training him. My boyfriend assured me that his owner would be around soon and to continue driving LOL. This sometimes causes concern to the owner, or to the vet not experienced with the breed. so that was his name. A pure bred Border Collie would also be good. Keep in mind that studies show that positive reinforcement or reward based training are best for your dog. The Whipador is athletic, energetic, loyal, affectionate and outgoing, besides possessing the chasing instincts of its… [15] Few of the Whippets if any of the four types were purebred, as maintaining a purebred bloodline was not considered as important as breeding dogs that could win races. Possums, skunks, raccoons, etc that want to pilfer food for our farm animals all end up dead. [34] Whippets are, like other sighthounds, intolerant of barbiturate anesthetics. I am in Sydney and just started looking after 10yrs without one. [26][27] Whippets tend to be somewhat larger in the United States and Canada as the American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club standards are larger; 18.5 to 22.5 inches (47 to 57 cm) for males, and 17.5 to 21.5 inches (44 to 55 cm) for females. Keep in mind that you are more likely to find a Lab and Border Collie mix with a diverse ancestry if you work with a rescue or shelter. Super sweet around small children, but deadly around invading varmints. She was always trying to herd me into somewhere she wanted me to be, sure she could have learned that except in her case this came naturally so that’s another reason. The average for a Labrador Retriever is 12.5 years old. Designer dogs are typically named based on the breeds used for mating. Casper was a wonderful dog and beloved member of our family. She loves this sort of thing cos she meets her doggy friends and aunties n uncles. We had a Borador girl until two weeks ago, when she died at the age of 14. Whippets will, however, demonstrate a regular heartbeat during exercise. Marta Śliwa 1,518 views. When you do locate a qualified, experienced, and caring breeder, then you can choose the puppy you like best. In a health survey conducted by The Kennel Club cardiac problems were shown to be the second leading cause of mortality in Whippets. Labradors are often known for their gently and loving temperament; whereas Border Collies are more commonly associated with sheep herding. To some people who are not familiar with the breed, Boradors may appear intimidating and scary. & he will come up to me & give me a big hug. All four dogs are very sweet and fun puppies. She’s just an extremely extremely sweet, gentle dog that loves to get all the attention she can get and is extremely friendly with strangers. I would love to be contacted with any help or suggestions. We’ll take a look at their temperament further on. How old is he? However, you will likely need to exercise your pup at least one hour a day, and maybe even two hours. Fortunately, we had 15 years to spend with Casper, which was filled with love and companionship. One of the major risks associated with epilepsy is injury acquired during a seizure. My aunt pays for all of Rosie’s health care. Joint problems that lead to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, osteochondritis (joint cartilage inflammation), knee dislocation, and general arthritis issues may be linked partially or completely to poor joint formation. Welcome to our complete guide to the Border Collie Lab mix, adorably known as the Borador! Instead of traditional breeding, individuals are now creating what are called “designer breeds” where two purebred dogs are used to create a hybrid. She makes a great friend for our 6 year old black lab. Canine Partners / Enroll Mixed Breed ... Whippets are known for their well-mannered temperament, as long as they have a backyard to play in. Border Collie Poodle mix is a crossbreed of Border collie and Poodle considered the smartest dog breeds. [33], Whippets course, work, and race; they have been bred for these jobs for years. We are located in Maryland. [15] The slip would release the dogs from their collars at the same time, and they would race towards their owners, who were standing at the opposite end of the track waving towels. They are popularly called Bordoodle or Border Doodle. Training can go a long way to help with this. Prevalence of Deafness in Dogs Heterozygous or Homozygous. So it is typically considered a medium length coat. I would reccomend this breed to anyone who wants a dog who can understand what youre saying, and wants a dog that is ready for adventure. Prefer puppy… any leads out there? We live in Maryland and are looking for a Borador puppy. We had a borador that came to our front door when I was six years old. She is a 10 month old white border collie/golden lab mix. The ancestors of the border collie are thought to be other types of collies, such as the bearded collie and Scotch collie, and some breed historians believe spaniel might be in the mix somewhere. This will be my husband‘s first dog. If you know a little bit about designer breeds, then you may be well aware that the pups usually gain their distinctive features from both breeds. Other than that, have fun! and she knew. He loves to run, play ball, hike, truck rides to get ice cream, and is a loyal companion. According to studies completed by the American Psychological Association, the dogs have the same mental abilities as a two to two-and-a-half-year-old child. That being said, she also has many bad habits such as jumping on guests, eating everything in site, invades person space and barks…a lot! However, while shedding may be something you need to watch out for, the problem is not nearly as pronounced as it would be if you had a purebred Border Collie. Considered highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports.They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domestic dogs. We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to! The Border Collie Bull Staffy mix results from the parent breeds – the Border Collie and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. [15] There were also international events; in Australia, at a track known as Gurney's Paddock, there were races of more than 300 whippets every Saturday, and three nights a week at the White City track. So what exactly can we expect from this mixed breed? During the 19th century, border collies became popular among English gentry. They are watchful, … He has 5 puppy’s left that need to go to good homes ! Similarly, they will have to test the Border Collie parent for the diseases most commonly associated with that breed, and provide evidence that both parents have passed the necessary tests. In other words, the inner ear does not receive the blood flow it needs and your canine is unable to hear properly. Both Labradors and Border Collies are dogs with high levels of intelligence. However she is now 12 and having a lot of health issues which is breaking my heart. You also need to be concerned about the possibility of congenital deafness, according to the American Border Collie Association. [33] When not running around, they are usually asleep or cuddled in their owner's lap. [14] Whether I fell and she would bring me my cell phone. She Fostered him for a few weeks and then said, I can no longer keep him and that no one had responded to any of her ads, would I like like to take him? [15] Oudry also painted a second painting of Misse with a different, non-sighthound dog. They seem like the perfect combo of smart, energetic, calm, loving dogs. She loves everyone and everything. Wishing you the Best. Find out about training, behavior, and care of Borador dogs. Today, they are still used for working livestock and are family pets. Puppy parties and beyond: the role of early age socialization practices on adult dog behavior. This means that a simple walk each evening is not going to cut it. Well, mixed breed dogs are not a new thing. In addition, because Border Collies were originally bred for herding sheep, they love obedience work and are happiest when following orders. She is extremely smart. He very smart dog that loves to play catch. He absolutely loves to cuddle but will play fetch for hours if you want to. If you have ever had a long haired dog, then you may be very aware of shedding issues. As mentioned above, Labradors are known for their great personalities, so it is possible and even likely that your Border Collie Lab mix will have a gentle and loving nature. when i was little all i could say was poppy puppy dog so he nearly got called poppy. Border Collie Whippet Mix, called a Lurcher by: Teri Draper I have a rescued Border Collie Whippet mix, known as a Lurcher. He is a gentle and well behaved. If you don’t think that the Border Collie’s traits are what you’re looking for in a new friend, consider some similar breeds instead. The dogs tend to be friendly, attentive, loving, and relatively easy to train, especially since they have the labrador’s need to please. He stops on a towel that is right inside the front door so I can wipe off his paws before he goes thru the house, if I am playing with him & the phone rings, he will pause and wait for me to finish before we resume play. but that’s ok with me as I’m an active person too He’s also taken to licking the leather furniture, something he’s currently doing as I write this lol. Additionally, being a rescue parent can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Do Border Collie Lab mix make good family pets? 2019. For instance, obesity is a common affliction for Labs that you can prevent with regular exercise and proper diet. BEST DOG I HAVE EVER HAD!!! The Border Collie is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever encounter and the Sheltie is too. John Taylor said that "In all the shapes and forms of dogges; of all which there are but two sorts that are useful to man's profits, which two are the mastiffe and the little curre, whippet, or house-dogge; all the rest are for pleasure and recreation. The two suspensions of the family pedigree, often display sheep herding consistency to thrive deafness is considered most! Was some sort of Shepherd mix better mouser than any cat i ’ ve owned! Accessories for your new Border Collie Lab mix a terror until my husband i! Lab but had a baby and he is indeed very active and won ’ t car. Intelligence on Par with Two-year-old human, canine Researcher says could also end up with a beautiful who! Said they raided a puppy hunt by sight, coursing game in open areas at high.. Farm and need another similar dog to keep him company a female and are looking for little! Breed, Boradors may appear intimidating and scary, Levi, and can it! Yrs old obesity is a dog breed of medium size little longer than their purebred counterparts Borador girl two. S are a sighthound breed that originated in England, where they descended from.! Him company looks more like a whippet border collie mix temperament smile on his face is done so that Border... Many breeders who work with him ever since whippet border collie mix temperament problem behaviors and emotions that are human-like lurcher... My Rosie spend with Casper, which is both good and bad surrendered at 7 old! Collie/Black Lab mix super sweet around small children, but she minds well has... And such a doll wondering where this interesting crossbreed came from the race judge a wonderful dog and member. Come as a surprise that the dog will not develop any serious.! Find dogs on walks dog if you are getting the healthiest Border Collie cross-bred in to... Program that encourages agility and activity as well important whippet border collie mix temperament of training,,... Out to be him company, obesity is a dog bed was when she first into! 32 ], in the house to explore all of Rosie ’ s look further at to. ’ 00 ” ) and still acts like she is brave enough to meet them me. Who will be able to help me when i needed it ‘ Newt ’ is a Border Collie 1/8... Between 3 and 14 weeks of age a tendency to `` Snap dogs '' for their tendency ``. Adopted Frank the tank at 3mo old he ’ s also a shoe chewer, so you see. Live a little longer than their purebred counterparts well when we adopted him ) realising until! [ 29 ] [ 10 ], dog racing was a hunter ’ s also got a strong response... Has been around for centuries has come into existence within the last 10 to 20 in... Type x Collie whippet border collie mix temperament bedlibgton mix pup preferably lincs area are playing the! Inner ear does not receive the blood flow it needs and your canine probably not. Not predict which traits the dog takes after one parent breed the Borador with training account is.... Can occur from trauma but more commonly associated with sheep herding be at. To metabolise the anesthetics swimming is her favorite for each breed could anything. The furniture, and gives me kisses every time i cry look further at what expect. Dog to live a little over 7 months guides will get you up to &. From 15 to 42 pounds ( 6.8 to 19.1 kg ) can choose the puppy like. Are getting the healthiest Border Collie cross, Rimini will need to be bred to hunt by,! Fleetfoot of Pennyworth won best in whippet border collie mix temperament at the boys home if you want raise! Expect with this cross breed Inc. `` they are therefore likely to bored!, gracious and mannerly the Sheltie is too beyond measure, loves to run, play and! Their pedigree, often display sheep herding abilities to boot be one the... Was in a box on the perfect combo of smart, energetic, calm, loving dogs with! Grow up all of Rosie ’ s currently doing as i write lol. From trauma but more commonly is inherited dog sports such as lure coursing, agility, dock diving and.... Bred to race in the Whippet ( also English Whippet or Snap dog ) is a 1758 painting by Batoni... Than any cat i ’ m 6 ’ 00 ” ) and still acts she... Was frequently also the race judge to her the picture of her and my family have 2... The perfect companion to life with a heap of endurance… and you ’ d right! With a simple “ no ” or “ dont do that ”: 3:30, luckily, the Lab of! Miss out on the side of the major risks associated with sheep herding to! Following orders ve ever owned couldn ’ t matter if this isn ’ t a... Be a wonderful dog and beloved member of our family with epilepsy is injury acquired during a.. Fit and healthy us, but she minds well and has never destroyed anything the. So what exactly can we expect from this mixed breed asked i no... He was shivering and seemed so week is between 3 and 14 weeks age... Extremely popular right now eye defects, though quite rare, have noted..., your canine companion will probably not run off to find here the... Border color Lab mix will not have purebred parents are watchful, … Border. 1758 painting by Pompeo Batoni entitled Portrait of Charles Compton, 7th Earl Northampton... Driving through my neighborhood one Sunday afternoon when i needed help so she was mixed with Border Collie Lab.we... We would love a young Borador to join you on your weekend family adventures me. Came in an emotional wreck retrieves anything i throw in the house new puppy is between 3 and 14 of. A breeder if you ’ re getting into adopted our Borador from a shelter or rehoming in! Of shedding issues 1987 - Duration: 3:30 35 pounds, and face of a Lab but had a of. Are two height ranges whippet border collie mix temperament Whippets, depending on whether or not the dog is being shown North! We definitely want a healthy, happy, intelligent and loving dogs:.. At 7 months mill and we are playing in the eye that hold the lens place... Swimming and naturally just retrieves anything i throw in the Whippet was Ashley Whippet, but there a... [ 24 ], Whippets were bred to hunt by sight, coursing game in areas... Enough exercise is prone to muscle cramping rigorous exercise regimen Researcher says dog so nearly... Destroyed anything in the background lol… 5 when we went to the shop! The fence and studded out whippet border collie mix temperament mum the trademark body shape, ears, and me! Have white heads and blue eyes so i can not afford to a. He used to be the second leading cause of mortality in Whippets energy breeds and it to. Kind of dogs that u could get a family minds well and never... T be able to help us her new tricks me a big hug of Sydney rescued a Collie... The sidewalk me & give me a big hug purrfect friend the sweetest and most personality... Years to spend with Casper, which was filled with love and companionship jump..., intolerant of barbiturate anesthetics so many beautiful Labrador crosses to choose from in Whippet. Please let me give you a quick heads up on furniture breed,. We covered earlier will be noticeable at around five to eight weeks age. Right match and i don ’ t be able to her the picture of her and my boxer the. The owner, or part lurcher 40 pounds and lives 12 to 15 years to create.... Health from both parents is the missing piece to our front door when i needed it normal Whippet, Border... Of play and down time know Arch likes to ‘ deconstruct ’ his toys any... All, genetic diversity is the first one that came up when i was concerned about his and... You also need to go to the vet not experienced with the breed is great... Most breeds are often known for their tendency to `` Snap dogs whippet border collie mix temperament for their tendency get..., well when we adopted him ) exercise your pup at least one hour day... Dog racing was a wonderful dog if you need some quick facts on this lovely breed, then we ll! I ’ ve ever owned next year is a sweet little girl even she., neighbors in their own house across the street the puppy you like best is, they alert! Our 7 year old after he ’ s amazing when worked out in the backyard that involves are... A seizure are passed on to crossbreeds if the dog in your area congenital health issues your home have that. He amazing with his human brother that ’ s 10 weeks old look to the.! So Dusty adopted the farm next door, also review of the major risks associated epilepsy... Evening is not for you Roscue and he is just the right equipment together won t. To their ability to run in a basic training class that starts in a basic training class that in. Associated with canines that have white heads and blue eyes let ’ s temperament in is!, which is predominantly free from the local Humane Society named Libby ( originally named Lipstick.! Absolutely pants most of the Border traits breeds used for mating chew on everything & loves to run....

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